Top 5 features to make your backyard feel like a vacation


A backyard fire pit brings the camping or glamping to you. There is a broad choice of gas and wood burning options to suit every style. Depending on your aesthetic fire up the smores, or assemble your charcuterie for a beautiful night under the stars. Consider placing it closer to the house for easy accessibility and making it an all season element of your yard.


With a strong wifi connection and electrical hookups, you can create an amazing backyard entertainment experience. Consider adding to your budget the technology and electronics for top quality sound and visual experiences. Nothing like streaming your music fireside or watching movies under the stars without leaving home.

Pizza Oven

Of course you have a bbq, but what about a wood burning dual gas pizza oven? Who needs to go to Italy! Enjoy family time outside prepping pizzas and cooking in your own pizza oven. Belissimo!

Hot Tub

Who doesn’t love the relaxation of a hot tub? Stand alone or attached to your pool adding this extra piece of luxury will make your backyard feel like a hotel getaway.

Sun Ledge

Also known as a sun shelf or Baja shelf, the sun ledge is a raised section of the pool that is a very shallow shelf, about 9 – 10 inches deep and at least 5 feet wide. It acts as the entry point to your pool, and you can use it to sit, relax to cool off without having to swim or float. There are special ledge loungers and tables that you can purchase for the ledge that are UV resistant, won’t damage the liner and won’t float away in your pool.