Avoid these 5 mistakes when buying an inground swimming pool

Thinking its easy peasy like reality makeover TV

We have all watched hours and hours of HGTV makeovers and designs. It all looks so perfect and so easy. Don’t let those well edited shows lead you down a path of disappointment. It is highly likely that not everything you see on TV will work for your backyard dreams.

What they don’t show on TV are issues with grading that can impact design options, easements that restrict location of the pool, maintenance requirements of the selected plantings around the pool, life span for designer materials they chose under Canadian weather conditions, and most importantly they don’t show the real cost.

Use TV shows and photos, like ones from our gallery, or your Pinterest board for inspiration, and use our expertise to understand what is the art of possible for your backyard and your budget.

Focusing on design without planning for function

For sure you want a beautiful backyard but just as important to how it looks is how it functions for you and your family. Are you active swimmers and want room to play badminton in the backyard? Are you pool loungers who like to entertain family and friends hanging in and around the pool? Do you have small kids? What safety features need to be incorporated for your family?

Spend some time imagining how you will use the yard and design around function, do not try to figure out function around a design.

Cutting the wrong corners

A new inground swimming pool and backyard renovation is a huge investment and sometimes it can be really hard to prioritize. If you have to scale back or phase your plan, work closely with your contractor to select what to wait on so that you don’t end up spending more in the long run.

If you want an attached hot tub that is not easy to add later, but a stand-alone hot tub can be delivered another time. A waterfall is very hard to add later but a BBQ can be built anytime. Gardens can easily be added in the future but a built-in fire pit not so much. Talk with us to see what makes sense if you find you are struggling to prioritize.

Basing your decision solely on price

There is the saying, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for the cheapest deal you are setting yourself up for frustration. Like buying a car, swimming pools can have many variables that affect the cost – quality of the equipment being included, quality of materials and finishing products being used, size of pool border and more. It is easy for a pool company to give a cheaper quote to win the job but it would not be apples to apples comparison.

Look out for this low quote baiting which often ends up with the contractor finding “problems” after the contract is signed and then the additional costs start piling up. A seasoned swimming pool contractor that adds value, brings experience and has quality referrals is not going to be the cheapest installer.

Do your research on what you want, the contractors you are considering and the expected costs.

Thinking easy maintenance means no maintenance

Pool maintenance has come a long way over the years thanks to advancements in technology and water chemistry. It is easier than ever to care for a swimming pool and keep it well maintained and the water chemistry safe.

It is however, not maintenance free. If you are buying a swimming pool you have to understand you are now going to have to take care of a swimming pool – cleaning it, weekly water testing and water chemistry updates, cleaning out the skimmer, taking care of the pool equipment and seasonal tasks for opening and closing.

If you are not prepared to look after this huge financial investment it will quickly become a problem when it is supposed to be a good thing. Make sure you have a plan and are onboard for the care and upkeep of your new backyard before you dive in.