Top 3 things to consider when planning for a new pool


Have a clear budget that has a contingency built in for the unexpected. Anticipate that like any major construction project there may be some changes along the way. Factor into your budget the cost of permits, electrical work, gas hookup, pool equipment as well as the major elements of your project.


Like any major home renovation or project, having a clear sense of what you want you will go a long way from decision paralysis or making changes after construction has started which can cause delays and add costs. Not everything you see on TV or online may be possible in your backyard depending on size, slope or other factors. Spend time in advance understanding how you will really use your backyard, decide on your must have elements, lock down key aesthetic decisions and work closely with us to create your vision.

Permit Process

Every city has its own permit requirements when it comes to a major construction project in your backyard. Some cities may have a centralized permitting process, or you may have to deal separately with multiple departments such as Planning and Forestry. Some cities also require an up-to-date site survey. If you do not have one, getting one will take about 6 weeks. Each city also has its own timeline for getting your permit ready in time for starting the project. It is critical you start the permitting process as soon as possible as some cities, such as Burlington, can take up to 6 months to issue a permit and work cannot start until the permit is in place. Depending on where you live and what your backyard backs onto, there are also separate permitting and approval requirements for conservation authorities, Hydro and Ministry of Transportation. We can help answer your questions about the permitting process in our first consultation meeting.